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Helping to guide others to a better state of well being using whole-istic practices that develop mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical vitality.






Livestream collective classes to work out the body and relax the mind.



Wellness off the mat. Learn and apply at your own pace.



Health care that's self care. These sessions are customized just for you.



Stress less at work. Servicing businesses as part of an employee wellness plan or a wellness event for members & guests.


Wellness Within

What is wrong with me? We have all asked ourselves that question at some point in our lives. I had once again hit a point where I was mentally and emotionally drained from all life had thrown at me.  I lacked a sense of purpose, direction, motivation and vitality. I just wanted a life I couldn't wait to wake up and live. And I had questions: Why am I like this? How can I get to where I want to be in life? What do I even want for my life? Is that even possible? Am I really this or is it a collection of stories I've told and been told about who I am?

I created beyondei8ht as a way to give each and every being the tools to embrace transformative healing and reach their infinite potential. By cultivating a sense of awareness and implementing lifestyle changes through yogic & holistic practices, I aim to alleviate suffering on the physical, emotional, and energetic levels for people affected by various degrees of trauma.  Wellness that works. That includes making wellness accessible- from the workplace to your home space.

500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher
100-hour Certified Meditation Teacher
Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor
Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga
Ayurvedic Wellness


"The lens of awareness is not limited to the physical body, but widens to include the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. Full awareness of Self is the byproduct of yoga and self awareness cultivates deep transformation that brings us closer to our infinite potential. Self awareness is the key."


The perfect mix of a good workout flow and relaxing self care! Loved it, as always!! 😊

Every week I look forward to Amanda’s class! The lighting, music, yoga flow, essential oil scent and overall vibe is so relaxing and inviting. Plus the hands-on adjustments and massages are to DIE for! Will continue coming literally every week.

AMAZINNNGGGGG 💖 If you’re looking for a workout that’s WORTH your time, and a teacher that invests in her people ... you can stop looking because you’ve found it 🙏🏼

Dieyna K.

I had my first session last week and it was amazing, to say the least. I have tried yoga many times in the past and never truly connected with it. Shanna did a great job explaining each pose we were doing, as well as the benefit for each of them, and how it all connected back to me and some of the conditions I was experiencing. The pace of the session was excellent, and at my level (since my flexibility is limited), and I felt amazing afterwards. Yoga is definitely a way of life and with that said, I decided to sign up for multiple sessions to keep this journey going. I highly recommend Beyondei8ht!!

Kayla R.

I absolutely enjoyed my session today and didn't realize how much I needed it!! Shanna is an amazing instructor and really puts so much into her class. I always leave the session learning something new about yoga and myself! Thank you for the blessing!

Cassandra S.

I've had several yoga sessions and I loved them all. She's very patient and attentive to what poses work specifically for me and she leads at an even pace so that I can keep. Her knowledge of the practice of yoga is thorough and I feel very comfortable asking her any questions that I have and knowing she can explain it to me so that I understand. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Definitely recommend to anyone seeking to keep healthy and helping with anxiety, stress, or just peace of mind.

E'Tienne E.

The energy..the ease..the comfort in the way she teaches makes a newbie to yoga or an out of practice yogi..feel reconnected. My coworkers and I started private lessons with Ms. Frazier and it was amazing. She guided us through pricing, scheduling, the session and brought equipment! She even had us complete a form to understand how or if we have any specific needs. That was a first for me! We are looking forward to our sessions in the weeks to come.       I would highly recommend her services..just don't steal our